We Can Take From Our Life Up To What We Put To It……..

kucing ma ayam

Badak kimpoi sma tringgiling

Singa kawn ama kepiting and platipus… ;p

elang, doberman, ama badak three sum gan

buaya kimpoi ama ulet gan

babi kimpoi ama kodok nih gan

Tokek kimpoi ama kambing gunung gan

Cecak kimpoi ama elang gan

Buaya kimpoi silang ma badak gan

ayam ama badak gan

koala ama platipus nih gan

elang kimpoi ama berang2 gan

Buaya ama burung gan

onta ama dogie nih gan

Dogie ama macan gan

burung puyuh kimpoi ama tupai gan

kampret kimpoi ama rubah gan

Rasta ngimpoi dogynye gan

kimpoi ama dufan hasilnye nih gan…

korban us army gan

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  1. ada manusia yang bertelanjang

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